Webinar: Blockchains are not worth the performance trade-off - except when they are

Wednesday 2nd June 2021, 7:00 pm.

Speaker: Rhian Lewis, Unboxed



Distributed ledger technology is slow and inefficient compared with traditional databases, and “blockchain” is one of the most overhyped buzzwords of the last few years. In most cases, a blockchain is the last thing you need.

However, there are some examples where decentralization provides a unique value proposition. The future lies in developing genuinely new business ideas, not simply re-engineering existing ones by adding blockchains into the mix.

This talk will look in detail at some of these cases, as well as talking about the unique development and testing challenges posed by this new technology.

About the speaker


Rhian Lewis is a software developer at Unboxed. She is also a writer and entrepreneur who has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community since 2013, as the author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution, published by Kogan Page, and the co-developer of altcoin tracker CountMyCrypto.

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