BCS Edinburgh Branch Committee for 2018-2019

Chair and
Inclusion Officer

Paul Rattray


Kevin Fisher

Treasurer and

Mike Hurst

Committee Member

Olusegun Akintola

Education Liaison

Kevin Chalmers

Committee Member

Allan Davidson

Committee Member

Zsolt Husz


Margus Lind


Lee Parry

Committee Member

Thomas Presslie

Events Coordinator

Seb Rose

BCS Liaison

Iain Thompson

Committee Member and
Bletchley Park Liaison

Roger Whiteley

Committee Member

Shufan Yang

Committee Meetings

The Branch Committee meets at least six times during the year and members of the Branch are welcome to come along and participate at any committee meeting. If you'd like to attend or if you have an issue or suggestion you wish to raise and can't make it to a committee meeting, please contact the .

Interested in joining the committee?

If you'd like to join the committee, we encourage you to come along to our next event to talk to any committee member. Elections for new Committee Members take place at the Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October although the Chair can co-opt individuals onto the committee at any time. This has been a painless way in for several of our committee members.

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