Webinar: Connecting Projects to Business Intents and Benefits

Wednesday 3rd June 2020, 6:30 pm.

Speaker: Simon Harris, Logical Model Ltd

Venue: Online - please register here: https://promsg030620.eventbrite.co.uk


Organisations DON’T do projects. They react to pressures and opportunities.

By preference, we’d all use all our assets to generate benefits now. But then reality invades. The effort has to be diverted into enabling tomorrow or protecting today’s capabilities. Threat and opportunity emerge from the bottom and top of the hierarchy. Authority and strategy (mostly) cascade, Realisation (mostly) is enabled against a context of contradictions needing decisions. A problem was redolent with politics.

If you have the personality match then perhaps the first challenge is to crystallise a view of possible futures, then debate, clarify, coalesce, agree and commit to a destination. After that is the relatively simple process of backcasting the minimum necessary path until we reach today’s reality. Alternatively, if your world view is “We can’t…” and “It won’t…” then the start is different but the end is the same.

About the speaker


Long ago PL/1 programmer, then Unix-SysAdmin & DBA now people and change and benefits. From ‘Checkout compiler and lint(1) to ‘So how do you run projects and what is a portfolio anyway?

I live in Edinburgh with my wife Lea, the kids are away and I share, virtually when I can (it's more powerful!) in person otherwise a view on managing change that is often different from, and always broader and deeper than the certification and textbook opinions.

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