Visit to Traffic Scotland National Control Centre

Thursday 27th February 2020 , 6:00 pm.

Venue: Traffic Scotland National Control Centre, 21 Ferrymuir Gait, South Queensferry, EH30 9QU - map

Limited places, booking mandatory:

We are delighted to announce a visit to the Traffic Scotland National Control Centre. This unique opportunity will allow you to gain insight into the systems and day-to-day work that keeps the traffic on our roads flowing.

Attendance is restricted to 20 people and registration is mandatory. Your name will be passed to TSNCC for access security purposes. If you have any concerns about this, please contact the branch immediately so that we can find a suitable solution for you.

Traffic Scotland collects information about roadworks, accidents, congestion and weather events and is used to improve the operational efficiency of the Scottish trunk road network. Traffic Scotland provides users with information on current Scottish trunk road traffic conditions that will assist road users to make informed decisions as to the timing, routing and travel mode choice regarding current or proposed journeys. This information helps by reducing the disruption caused by incidents, minimising the effects of congestion and thereby improving the safety and efficiency of the road network.

Traffic Scotland is operated by the Traffic Scotland Operator (Amey) from the Traffic Scotland National Control Centre (TSNCC). The TSNCC staff have the role of implementing traffic control and network management across the Scottish trunk road network.

From the TSNCC, the trunk road network traffic conditions are monitored, using sensors, buried in the road, and closed circuit television cameras. The TSNCC have developed operational relationships with the following organisations to collect and distribute relevant traffic information:

  • trunk road maintenance operators;
  • local roads authorities;
  • bridge managers;
  • the police;
  • the media;
  • motoring organisations; and
  • other interested parties.

The Traffic Scotland Operator operates the Traffic Scotland system and also answers the Emergency Roadside Telephones within the Trunk Road Network for Scotland.

The TSNCC therefore has a key role in pulling together traffic information and distributing it to all interested parties, including road users.

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