Cross platform mobile development - a tale of two approaches

Wednesday 3rd July 2013 , 6:30 pm.

Speakesr: Chris Hardy and Stuart Lodge.

Venue: Room G.03, University of Edinburgh Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AB.

Refreshments and networking from 6:00 pm.

This event is free of charge and open to all. No registration required - just turn up.


Real Cross-platform Mobile Applications - The Anti-Pattern

Chris Hardy discusses the in and outs of creating an application for Windows Phone and how this app was ported over to run on iOS, Windows 8 and Android, discussing some hints and tips on achieving this, showing code and giving numbers of downloads for the apps on multiple platforms too.

Sharing C# across Windows, Android and iOS using MvvmCross

1.4 Million new Android devices are activated every day. 500 Million iOS devices sold. Stuart Lodge explains how you can target all of them today from your existing C# skills and code. This talk covers ...

  • very brief introductions to Mvvm, Portable Class Libraries, MonoTouch and Mono for Android
  • a walkthrough of creating an app using Mvvm and Data-Binding on MonoTouch and Mono for Android
  • using native features and functionality through portable plugins
  • delighting users with native UIs on all platforms

About the speakers


Chris Hardy, a Microsoft ASPInsider, is an .NET consultant focusing on MonoTouch and Mono for Android development.

Ever since MonoTouch was in beta, Chris has been developing and evangelising MonoTouch and was one of the first users to get a MonoTouch application on to the App Store. Speaking at conferences around the world on the subject, Chris has been a key part of the community and extended this by contributing to MonoTouch and Mono for Android books.


Stuart works as founder, salesman, project manager, developer, and tea–maker for Cirrious.

He’s been coding 30 years; made the software that powers UK digital radio; eats, drinks and sleeps on his keyboard; but still doesn’t know how to use a command line. A late comer to Mvvm, C#, and to open source, Stuart can be found endlessly talking about data–binding, ViewModels, portable class libraries and long distance triathlons. Bruce Willis once pointed at him and laughed.

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