BCS Edinburgh Branch

Future Networking

Martin Cook

Cisco Systems

Wednesday 4 October 2000. 6.30pm

Apex Hotel, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

The Internet is changing the way we work, live, play and learn. 'Future Networking' will discuss how network connectivity and network technologies are transforming the way in which Information Technology is used.

We will identify key technology trends affecting future network implementation and discuss the architectural characteristics of future converged IP communications networks. We will also examine the technological advances required to transform the Internet into the next 'utility', and the associated impact of the availability of ubiquitous, transparent, networks on our daily lives.

Martin Cook is a Business Development Consultant with Cisco Systems. His current role involves communicating the business benefits of Cisco's intelligent network infrastructure offerings as the foundation for E-Business, and, the nurturing and development of Cisco's partner ecosystem within the UK. Martin has 14 years experience in IP networking and communications engineering and has previously held positions in Product Management, Development Engineering and Systems Engineering.