BCS Edinburgh Branch

Outsourcing - an aspirin for your headache or a migraine in the making!

Bruce Jennings, KPMG

Wednesday 1st March at 6.30pm

Apex International Hotel, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

In today's dynamic business environment, is the traditional IT outsourcing contract viable? As change becomes a constant the external sourcing contract that is wrongly structured can quickly turn into a legally binding nightmare, restricting business growth and increasing IT costs.

But given the right framework and customer/service provider relationship, outsourcing can not only release much needed internal skills and resources to focus on enhancing the value IT delivers, but also provides access to a vast array of expertise that External Service Providers (ESPs) have built up in legacy and emerging technologies.

With the differing and sometimes confusing types of services on offer from ESPs growing all the time, deciding which is the right type of deal to go for can prove problematic.

Choosing the right one will significantly enhance the services IT delivers within an organisation, choosing the wrong one is a fast path to a migraine.