BCS Edinburgh Branch

Inspection Myths and Misconceptions

Dorothy Graham, Grove Consultants.

Wednesday 3rd March at 6.30pm

St Mary's Land, Moray House Institute of Education

Inspection is a process which is often misunderstood. This presentation looks at the most common myths and misconceptions about Inspection. If an organisation thinks they are doing Inspection when in fact they are not, they do not realise what they are missing out on. When done well, Inspection has dramatic and well-documented benefits.

However, Inspection is not a panacea. It does not work in all circumstances, in all organisations, or at all times. Knowing where Inspection does and does not work, and what Inspection can and cannot do can help organisations to improve their review and/or Inspection processes most appropriately.


Dorothy Graham is the founder of Grove Consultants, specialising in software testing, test automation and Inspection. She is co-author with Tom Gilb of the book Software Inspection, published by Addison-Wesley, 1993. Once described as a "technical entertainer", she is a popular speaker at many BCS events.