BCS Edinburgh Branch

Digital Cash and Internet Commerce

Rachel Willmer and Andreas Schoter, Intertrader Ltd

Wednesday 30 September at 6.30pm

St Mary's Land, Moray House Institute of Education

Profit is a concept; Cash is a reality - or so my accountancy lecturer used to say. Well, maybe not for much longer. We have been able to make "electronic" payments using credit and debit cards for many years. Now, with the introduction of digital cash schemes such as Mondex and VisaCash, "virtual cash" is not far away. In parallel with these "high street" banking innovations, other digital cash schemes, such as DigiCash, have been implemented for use solely on-line. These digital cash developments are set to alter our concept of cash and potentially revolutionise our banking and shopping activities. Intertrader's talk will describe recent developments in Digital Cash and their relevance to Internet Commerce.